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F-Secure Antivirus: Overview And Analysis

F-Secure is a well-known name in the web-based security world that gives all over network insurance to its clients through its dynamic web-based suite.

F-Secure is a well-known name in the web-based security world that gives all over network insurance to its clients through its dynamic web-based suite. This web-based suite is actually a variety of different things under the Protected F-standard and one of the things is a mystery key boss named ‘F-Secure Key’.

While the entire F-Secure suite is top of the line, F-Secure Key falls some spot in the middle. The mystery key head writing computer programs is powerful yet it’s not so front line as other very front projects. On the off chance that you’re essentially looking for a spot to store your passwords, or make strong passwords, it’s a good mystery word chief.

Is F-Secure A Good Antivirus?

With respect to giving fundamental protection, F-Secure Enemy of disease really buckles down of Windows 7 and later. It will guarantee you against the most prevalent malware, but you might pick the more expensive Protected or Complete things for more affirmation. Likewise, the last two antiviruses offer more complete confirmation, including full parental control, ransom ware protection, and magnificent monetary security. Appeared differently in relation to other antivirus plans open accessible, F-Secure Antivirus gives unquestionably the base. Its limitation of features is its most prominent annihilation, and whether or not F-Secure were to consolidate these additional features, it would anyway wait behind ideal antivirus programming like Norton Security. Regardless, don’t let its shortfall of careful features discourage you from presenting the item and taking advantage of its 30-day free primer. It goes with a couple of features, including permission to disengage envelopes, a once-over of discouraged site pages, and the choice to submit malware tests. You will moreover get the chance to kill the antivirus, whenever you really want.


  • Gets your contraption against typical diseases.
  • Offers a 30-day free starter so you can really take a look at the thing’s abilities without paying a dime.
  • Easy to use programming on account of its sensible and direct connection point.
  • Different assistance options.
  • A fair score on lab results.


  • Offers confined protection features, not by any stretch like by far most of its opponents
  • Exorbitant, especially when you consider the features it gives
  • Doesn’t frustrate URLs
  • Frail against attack by express malware
  • Normal phishing and ransom ware protection
  • Confined and unusual parental control

F-Secure Features

  • Here is an undeniable level security program that guarantees your data against access by unapproved individuals.
  • It is available for all of your devices and supports different working systems, including Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows 7 and higher.
  • The valuable thing is, you needn’t bother with to be a tech expert to present and use the program.
  • To ensure its organizations, you really want to seek after in any event of its expansive packs, including a 30-day free fundamental.

A piece of its confirmation features integrate, but not confined to:

  • Antivirus
  • Examining and banking protection
  • Parental control
  • Ransom ware protection
  • Individual VPN
  • Wi-Fi protection

How Does F-Secure Work?

F-Secure security program finishes its work without interfering with your activities. There was not a lone day during our let loose fundamental that a spring caution was shown, telling me of a security look at. We even related USB drive and at this don’t point anything. Regardless, there was a customary notification on the amount of days remaining for our primer to pass. The program’s fundamental window gives an investigate its essential parts, contamination and examining confirmation, similarly as present day security features. In a comparative view, you will find the beginning check catch and settings gets. Use the passed on rail to investigate through the rest of the application.

F-Secure Pricing And Packages

Free and Preliminary Variant

Fortunately, you can download F-Secure for no good reason from the web. All you want is a good web affiliation, a Pentium 4 processor or better, 512mb of free Smash space, and 800mb of free plate space. Once the download is done, present the program by then finally dispatch it by raising a ruckus around town ‘Cushion’ button.

Starting then and into the foreseeable future, you don’t have to do Anything

F-Secure will run in the background and give full protection against malware risks unbounded. It will continue to do this until your 30-day free fundamental participation ends. To continue to take advantage of its organizations, you ought to purchase in to one of its paid packs.

F-Secure Antivirus

The F-Secure antivirus is quick and easy to download, notwithstanding it doesn’t impede your PC. This gadget integrates the going with features, disease affirmation, customized invigorates, malware removal, and safe use. F-Secure antivirus is open in three groups. First and foremost, there is the 30-day free primer, which anticipates that you should fill in your email, by then complete a Manual human test. You will by then get an insistence email, followed by an email containing the grant key and download interface. The other two are paid variations, the chief help one PC for $35.99 every year, and various support up to 3 laptops for $39.99 every year. In case you give close thought, there is no differentiation in the features presented by the three packs.

F-Secure Safe

In 2018, F-Secure Safe won the AV-Test best affirmation award. It helps with getting you and your family against web risks that could deal your data. The best part is that your family members communicate with the one group you purchase. From as low as $69.99 every year, and you can connect and get up to 3 devices.

F-Secure Total

This better internet based assurance device grants up than seven relationship with one group, at the little expense of $89.99 every year. It is practical with the going with stages, Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, macOS x 10.13 or later, Android 6.0 or later, and iOS 13.0 or later.

F-Secure For Mobile Devices

There is a F-Secure adaptable application that guarantees your web-based character and data. It is easy to present and is suitable with Android, Symbian, and Windows working structures.

Client Service

In case of any solicitations, F-Secure offer various stages you can use to contact their client help bunch. The most un-requesting is the live talk button on the base right of your screen. Here, you get second responses to any question you might have.

In case the live talk incorporate isn’t open, you can have a go at calling them using the client administration numbers gave on their power site. The numbers are express to specific space codes and gain a few explicit experiences you can call. Regardless, this decision isn’t open during public events.


With respect to protection and execution, F-Secure scores exceptionally perfect. It buckles down of guaranteeing your device against customary contaminations. Not only will it safeguard your data yet also block inconsequential pages. In light of its obstruction of protection incorporates, it’s not the best security contraption to supply your device’s affirmation.

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