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Octoboard: Octoboard Review – Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons

Octoboard for Business is a cloud-based business dashboard arrangement that produces visual examination and reports to furnish clients with understanding into their business execution.

What is Octoboard for Business?

Octoboard for Business is a cloud-based business dashboard arrangement that produces visual examination and reports to furnish clients with understanding into their business execution. The dashboard can be shown on different gadgets to permit representatives to screen patterns from the workplace. Highlights of the stage incorporate report planning, robotization, adjustable marking, objective setting and following, ongoing updates, adaptable report layouts, a client entryway, and that’s just the beginning. Through combination with office televisions or different gadgets, Octoboard for Business can be utilized as a constant business control focus, and all dashboard presentations can be remotely made due. Reports can be produced on measurements, for example, site meetings, deals, yearly income, client lifetime esteem, promotion spend, web-based entertainment traffic, and then some. The Octoboard for Business stage gives clients a scope of pre-fabricated report layouts which can be used and modified to make web based promoting dashboards. All reports and dashboards are white label so clients can tweak them to line up with organization marking, and reports can be sent out or imparted to clients and different partners by means of public connections or by installing into a business site.

Business Dashboard And Automated Marketing Report

We have created dashboards and reports for associations and publicizing workplaces. Octoboard clients can connect with any cloud application using Octoboard and make clever internet based dashboards for administrative teams, office and individuals. Data can be accumulated for Deals and Showcasing workplaces, Tasks, Backing and Money from applications like Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, Sales Force and some more – no matter how you look at it place. New organizations use Octoboard to show our dashboards on office dividers motivate gatherings and focus on real’s goals conveyed in hard numbers. Modified client uncovering for Advertising Offices Octoboard stage helps advancing associations save time every week through automating typical client reporting. Web enhancement, Search rankings, Social association signals, online responsibility estimations, Web assessment, Call leads and fundamentally more. All data accumulated and acquainted with clients quite promptly. Moving gathering execution assessment in dashboards and reports. Octoboard compromise with Fresh desk licenses associations to show live Devops estimations and screen your client administration system. Exhibiting Organizations save time and win clients by building modernized reports and white name client doors.

Octoboard Features

  • Examination/return on initial capital investment Following
  • Mission The executives
  • Mission Following
  • Joint exertion Devices
  • Versatile Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Data Connectors
  • Data Import/Commodity
  • Simplified
  • Money related Revealing
  • Advancing Reports
  • Execution Measurements
  • Promoting numbers
  • Booked/Robotized Reports
  • Electronic Media Observing

Octoboard Plans For Business

  •  Free 14-day starter.
  •  Starter plan of €8 every month.
  •  Advancement plan of €25 every month.
  •  Gathering’s plan of €39 every month.
  •  You can save 30% if you purchase in yearly to any of the above plans.

For Marketing Agencies

  •  Free 14-day starter.
  •  Starter plan of €8 every month.
  • Improvement plan of €25 every month.
  •  Gathering’s plan of €39 every month.
  •  You can save 30% if you purchase in yearly to any of the above plans.

How to use Octoboard?

Octoboard’s organizations are available for associations and elevating workplaces the equivalent to use. Here is what you want to do to start:

Information exchange:

  • Open up the Octoboard site.
  •  Float over the Login attach and pick Business or publicizing office.
  •  Enter your email id and mystery key and snap on make a record.
  •  Go to your email inbox and check your record by tapping on the association sent.


Go to the Evaluating region and pick the plan which suits you best. You can pay for the course of action using Stripe, a worldwide portions stage that will change over your close by money and pay in EUR according to the exchange rates that day.


  • Totally white-named – Regardless of which organization you get or which plan you have purchased; all things remain totally white-checked, which suggests that you can add your picture logo to all reports and dashboards.
  • More than 2500 estimations – Information has never been so easily dealt with and sublimely showed. Such endless estimations give various methods for showing data in an ostensibly captivating manner.
  • Plans for everyone – Their moderate plans for every sort of business, little, medium, or attempt, leave the power in the client’s hand.
  • Straightforward connection point – The pre-arranged formats make the association of client declaring substantially less complicated, but if you really can’t crease your head over it, don’t pressure. Their Insight base page has educational activities and step by step counsellors for lead you through each cycle.
  • Different brand blends – You want not worry about your internet based media responsibility assessment any longer. With Octoboard’s 60+ picture compromises, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
  • Makes bunches convinced – Showing execution reports and giving delegates their login capabilities is most likely going to move them and push your business to get to the next level.
  • Make “monetary patrons into instructors” – Octoboard claims that you can change monetary benefactors into experts with such acceptable and standard declaring.
  •  Far off less television control – Clients are permitted to gather television dashboards and control their television screens and various devices indirectly. No issue in any way shape or form!
  •  No Agreement responsibilities – You are permitted to drop your participation at whatever point, and if you accept you require a re-tried plan, interface with the specialized help, and they will deal with you!


  • Octoboard is an absolutely electronic stage. There is no adaptable Android or iOS application available.
  • There is no phone number open for client care.
  • Need perceptive Examination
  •  The Information insight needs entertainment models.

Why Use Octoboard?

Inside overabundance of 2500 estimations and 200+ pre-manufactured designs, Octoboard is the most ideal choice for 18000 associations at this point! Their absolute white cap naming allows associations the opportunity to manufacture dashboards quickly and modestly and stamp them with their own picture logo. You could shape television dashboard and control office television screens without the usage of regulator. The embedding feature grants clients to put these dashboards and reports wherever on their site. The Key show markers support agents’ motivation and confirmation while typical uncovering hands monetary patrons over to guides. Furthermore, there are plans to fit every business type, whether or not a subject matter expert or a developing association.


Octoboard has quickly turned into a head-turner in the web examination scene in view of its promising estimations and eye-getting designs. Its USP really remains its complete white name technique and the solid 60+ brand consolidations. Their different enrollment plans stay accessible to each kind of business and can especially help new organizations who don’t have the capital or instruments to make their dashboard and reports. However, even with extravagant plans, a few key features remain predictable taking everything together the plans, those being the white imprint, free Website design enhancement surveys, introducing features, and sending boundless reports to clients, to name a couple basically.                                                                    

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