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What Is Constant Contract? What Are The Advantages Of Constant Contract?

Constant Contact, Inc. is an Internet marketing firm, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, together with additional offices in Loveland, Colorado; and New York, New York. The business was established in 1995 and was later sold to Endurance International in 2015.


Constant Contact was founded by Randy Parker in 1998. The company is based in Waltham, MA, in the United States. It offers all the basic tools for creating and managing successful email marketing campaigns, with a great deal of extras.

The platform’s strongest suits comprise simple navigation, lots of templates, advanced analytics and tracking tools, email previewing capabilities, and convenient auto-responders.


Constant Contact is arguably the most flexible email marketing platform around. Some programs concentrate exclusively on the fundamentals, which works well.

  • Create polls
  • Launch custom deals
  • Engage in Social Networking campaigns
  • Send birthday greetings
  • Receive reports
  • Have access to advanced analytics
  • Engage in case curation
  • Produce coupons
  • Use drag-and-drop to create your e-mail templates
  • Have access to an easy management system


The technical support department at Constant Contact is available through the following times:

There’s no live service on weekends.

If you are in another time zone, you may find that these service hours are not entirely convenient. Additionally, you might get stuck without assistance on a weekend. (There is a neighborhood discussion, but no support provision from the firm itself.)

Consider if the restricted support hours could be an inconvenience to your business, or if you can live with a couple of days’ delay.

Why Constant Contact?

It is just intelligent business.

Whether you’re starting an email marketing campaign to engage customers, building an awesome site in minutes, uploading products to your internet store, generating awareness on Social Networking, or boosting sales with Google Ads, we’ve got all the resources and guidance you need to achieve the results you need, all in one place

Is Constant Contact the ideal newsletter service for you?

Recommended if:

You conduct events:

Constant Contact is very unique in this regard, being one of the few email advertising tools which allows you to handle event invitations, registrations, and vouchers (if you elect for the Mail Plus program ). Bear in mind that users wanting to manage their events through Constant Contact will be prompted to integrate Eventbrite, which was not previously the case.

Not recommended if:

You need innovative automation:

Astonishingly, for the premium it costs, Constant Contact does not offer you the most innovative automations. While they do provide triggered campaigns, left handed and abandoned cart attempts (such as Shopify only), you’ll find that other much more economical tools provide comparable levels of automation — MailerLite and Sendinblue,


“It allowed for me to be able to send amazing, attractive, and inviting emails to my audience would encourage them to socialize with the hyperlinks inside the email.”

“Love the capacity to see who’s launching mails, clicking, blowing off, etc.. It is super helpful to have these kind of analytics”.

“We’re using publisher to make an internet newsletter to our parents. With Constant Contact it is easy, super fast, looks fantastic and has links that helps our end user a lot.”

“Constant Contact is very good for producing simple newsletters, perhaps even the type which may just circulate internally. Beyond this, it’s best to use something more powerful.”


“I recently tried it and was really disappointed. The builder was very frustrating to use and the mails seemed extremely amateurish.” Dragging items to modify their placement is irritating since it rarely works easily.”

“Constant Contact can be a little fastidious about unsubscribers and spam accounts. The customer has very little hands once a recipient has unsubscribed or documented spam”.

“Whether they would inadvertently unsubscribe (getting them back on the email distribution list is frustrating), or have kicked off the record due to inactivity.”


As Constant Contact themselves reiterate through their site, they’re a tool for smaller businesses. And, as such, it’s worth evaluating them on these terms. As stated above, they definitely have a lot of the basics covered to meet most small businesses, and if it had been as simple as that then we’d recommend them more highly.

This includes not just attributes, but also user experience.

They do pick up things for their decent deliverability rates, integrations (particularly social media integrations), also for enabling different access levels for separate users. With recent enhancements to automations and reporting, it will seem as though they’re making an effort to improve the item. However, their lack of advanced features makes it difficult to recommend over others at their price .

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