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What Is Gravity Forms? Gravity Forms Characteristics | Pros and Cons?


Gravity TypesCertainly, Gravity Types is The very feature-rich WordPress contact form plugin on the marketplace. From reactive forms to junk filter and advanced calculations to charge gateways, Gravity Types includes everything you will have to construct an internet form easily.

Should you Have a budget for buying a superior WordPress kind plug, then Gravity Types is your ideal bet. Obviously, it is Somewhat pricey but if you are tired of Searching for a whole type plugin, then search no farther than Gravity Types.


Gravity Forms is a feature-rich plugin with a plethora of functionalities. Taking into consideration the scope of this article, it is really hard for me to explain all of the features. So, let’s look at the key functionalities which this incredible plugin offers. Form Fields

Gravity Types brings you a whole variety of Form fields which you may pick from. They’re quite well categorized. Simply drag and drop from the shape editor, define extra information and you are all set.

Effortless To Use Form Editor

This plugin offers an extremely simple and user friendly form editor. Just drag and drop the kind field in the editor to get started. And click on any area to customize.

Save And Keep

With Gravity Types, you can create very elaborative multi-page forms. Your progress is shown on the top of the progress bar. So you can both save and continue whilst filling the form.

Fight Spam

Another important highlight of Gravity Forms is its own robust mechanism to fight spam. I know how exhausting it could become to scroll through a lengthy form submission list which is nothing less than a waste of the time and efforts. It provides three ways of doing this :

Limit & Schedule Types

With Gravity Forms, you can do cool things like limiting The number of entries and scheduling kinds . This permits you to pick and collect data whenever needed precisely. Among the potential use cases may be Giveaways Types .

Another intriguing feature of Gravity Forms is Conditional Logic. It allows you To show/hide the fields dependent on the user input filled in different fields. It may come in handy if you are collecting data from consumers of different sources.

WordPress Post Creation

Using Gravity Types, you can even create content through forms Employing the Post Fields. This feature generates countless possibilities.

Powerful Integrations

Gravity Types integrate seamlessly with popular Web Programs , Online Services, and WordPress Plugins. In total, it provides 35+ integrations. The list of accessible add-ons depends upon your Gravity Types package. The list is enormous, under screenshot shows only a few integrations.

Gravity Form Pros and Cons

  1. Has CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA protects this site against bots by creating tests only humans can pass. This is beneficial as people won’t get spam, like they want using Google Forms.   2. Multi page and conditional logic. In case the form happens to be long, you do not want it to seem long at first. Goes with conditional logic, even if your favorite color is red there must be a conditional statement that has”reddish” questions which follow, not the same for everyone. With Google Forms you need to answer each question even though it doesn’t pertain to you personally.   3. Infinite data storage.Cons:   1. You Need to pay for Gravity Forms. The simple license is $59 a year, the pro license is $159 a year, along with the elite license is $259 a year. Many folks see the cost as a problem because it is too expensive for them.   2. You can only use Google Sheets while using Gravity Types in case you’ve got the elite permit, which costs $259. Google Forms you buy for free and may use sheets with it.   3. People had difficulty browsing and figuring out how to create forms. They state It Is complicated, and they had to watch some videos or even get Some kind of help to understand what to do.


Support plays a vital role in the success of a product. Considering this fact, I have to say, they’ve got a pretty solid support team.


You can Use types in all kinds of ways in your website. Many of these applications, such as contact forms and mailing list sign-ups, are crucial to your site’s success. By employing the Gravity Forms Add-Ons available with our Basic, Pro, and Elite programs , you can create your forms interesting to your customers and make certain you’re gathering the right information.

Additionally, each plan is comprehensive, offering a far greater value than purchasing individual Add-Ons separately.

To Recap, here are nine of those exciting things you can do using Gravity Forms:

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