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Tidio: Tidio Review, What Are Tidio Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons

Tidio conveys a live talk choice which might be added to a site configuration, furnishing you with a quick and helpful device to connect with your clients.

What’s Tidio?

Tidio conveys a live talk choice which might be added to a site configuration, furnishing you with a quick and helpful device to connect with your clients. It is the most normal live visit arrangement on the planet and can be used by in excess of 1,000,000 buyers. Your clients just watch it as a minuscule window which grants them to communicate something specific, however in the background that it very well may be a breath-taking method for making leads, gather client data, draw them with provisions and answer any questions. Tidio joins a new and speedy web talk with an overflow of extra highlights like catboats, guest observing and mass mailing under a solitary rooftop in a brilliant bundle.

Free Plan

Tidio is excessively liberal to try and think about offering a lifetime free thing (No Charge card required) but obviously with confined features that capability outstandingly for a little gathering. At the point when you sign in, you get 7 days of Premium fundamental where you can experience all of the features. Here are the features open in Tidio’s Free Visit Adaptation:

  • Live talk
  • Email Incorporation
  • Messenger Joining
  • Visitor Data
  • Compact + Work area Application
  • Canned Reactions (Speedy Reactions)
  • JavaScript Programming interface
  • Visitor Notes
  • 100 Chatbot Discussions every Month.
  • Up to 3 clients.

Paid Plan

I found this jumbling (I would moreover say splendid) while picking the right game plan. Obviously, they have 2 Plans – Chatbot and Communicator and both of them cost $18/Month. You ought to pick whether you want to use the equitable Chatbot feature on your site or a live creating with various features that require the human, for instance, the Guest Rundown. In case you really want to use a totally working talk feature (both Chatbot and live visit) on your site, you want to pay for both for instance $36 consistently.

Here are the nitty gritty highlights for each:

  • Chatbot Plan
  • $18/Month
  • All Free Arrangement Highlights
  • Boundless Dynamic Chatbot (Amount)
  • 5,000 Chatbot Discussions (You can choose to upgrade if you have more visitors)
  • Visual Chatbot Reconciliation (Intuitive)
  • Zapier Joining
  • Communicator Plan
  • $18/Month
  • All Free Arrangement Highlights (3 Talk Administrators)
  • New + Approaching Guest Warnings
  • Live Composing
  • Seen Pages
  • Live Guest Rundown
  • Additional Administrator at $10/Month

They furthermore have a specialist course of action recorded on their site which consolidates everything and the plan can be revamped as need might arise. If you are a start-up, I would vehemently propose going with the merged plan of Chatbot and Communicator. It would cost $36 consistently ($12 per visit head) which I acknowledge is perfect.

What is Tidio Chat, in any case?

It is a live talk stage that grants you to speak with site visitors dynamically and resolve their requests or issues. It is planned for all of the stages anyway work honorably with Shopify and WordPress. With its smooth and flexible arrangement, you can facilitate with the contraption with your site’s fundamental tones which gives a staggering look and feel to the visitors. With Tidio’s Chatbot incorporate, you can modernize the responses for the ordinary inquiries that visitors pose to you. That, yet it similarly helps you with lead age and other cool things like commitment a discount to visitors or giving solicitation circumstances.

Live Chat Features

What about we, first and foremost, grasp what a live visit is. Beside your email, contact design, and phone number for help, there’s something more people love – Live Visits. Not simply it is excessively profitable for the visitors yet it moreover saves their experience rather than keeping it together for your email reply or a call back. We ought to look at a part of the features presented by Tidio Talk:

  1. Live Composing
  2. Guests Rundown + Saw Pages
  3. Live Visit Portable Application
  4. Email Warnings
  5. Live Visit Examination
  6. Visit Move
  7. Guest Boycott
  8. Canned Reactions (Fast Reactions)

Chatbot Features

Tidio Visit goes with a blend of Chatbot and a live talk. In my past article about Chatbot, I’ve explained why Chatbot are major for a web-based business. Tidio has different pre-built Chatbot made. You ought to just copy the piece on your site. Of course use the WordPress module. Here, we will see a piece of the Pre-created Chatbot:

  1. Lead Age
  2. Inviting Guests
  3. Bringing Visitors back
  4. Deserted Truck Recuperation
  5. Visit Administrators are away


  • Canned Reactions
  • Visitor Following
  • Visit Move/Steering
  • Chatbot
  • Examination
  • Client Geolocation
  • Best Cost


  • No Customizable Marking
  • No Post Talk Review (Just Like and Aversion)
  • Best Cost anyway Confounding


Tidio is a really sublime Live Chat that has all you expect to act in the best way. Its chief work that is to fill in as a live visit for clients who enter our page.

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